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    Things To Know For Getting Security Guard Jobs

    In the modern day, private companies, Government, and industries have been recruiting security guards to protect the people and assets. Security personnel positions especially come with many titles such as Security Officer, Body Guard, Armoured Car Personnel, and many others. Professional Security Guard would protect premises, assets, and personnel. When you are looking for security guard jobs in Dubai, then you have plenty of opportunities. As a security guard, you would be maintaining a higher visibility preference along with preventing any inappropriate or illegal actions.

    Hiring The Security Guards:

    There are thousands of security guard jobs posted by top companies. You can easily apply and get hired in Dubai. Apply for the latest security guard jobs in UAE and Europe instantly. The main role of the job is to provide security for the personnel and assets.

    WORKA provides you with the complete recruitment and career advancement resources suitable for easily getting security guard jobs in Dubai. Launched by professionals, WORKA provides visitors with quality Job opportunities along with career-related content. These are specially organized for all the skill sets in various locations. You can get plenty of security guard job updates here, even without any hassle.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    Before applying, it is necessary to know about the eligibility criteria for security guard jobs in UAE. Before 2001, anyone could work as a security guard in UAE, but with the implementation of security regulations, companies need to have strict requirements. It is necessary to clear the PSBD, DPS, or SIRA exam to apply as a security guard or security officer. The Government would be conducting these programs and tests for training the prospective security guards.

    Security Industry Regulatory Agency or SIRA is the Government of Dubai based on security industry regulator. The Private Security Business Department or PSBD is conducted by the Government of Abu Dhabi. Some of the common requirements of the security guard career are

    • Good and strong physique
    • Ability to follow directions
    • Alertness and attention to detail
    • Proficiency in English (Arabic language proficiency)
    • Clean criminal record
    • No prior arrest
    • Loyalty and Honesty
    • Willingness to go beyond to ensure protection and safety

    Normally, the security guard jobs in Dubai are quite demanding and rewarding. You would also be enjoying a more attractive salary. You would be receiving the best training in executing the task. Security guard jobs are a highly regulated industry, so the salary will be beyond the Government mandates. Everything will be checked regularly for any parity.

    Security guards are also members of national defense, so these are also a matter of pride. The security guards contribute to the safety as well as security of the personnel and assets. When you get security guard jobs in UAE through a top recruitment agency, then you can safely pursue.

    How To Apply For Security Guard Jobs?

    Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other parts of the UAE have been highly recruiting security guards with a high pay scale. When you like to apply for the posts, then you can seek the professionals at WORKA. The leading recruitment agency for security guards is ready to help you to get the job positions safely.

    Fresher and experienced both can apply for the security guard jobs in Dubai. Candidates are required to read, write and speak in English. It is helpful for job seekers who are ready to devote themselves to the betterment of the company. You can also get the best in-house facility training for the security guards and easily prepare for the PSBD and SIRA exams. It is greatly beneficial for you to arrive at the job destination completely prepared.

    The WORKA aspires to cover the complete spectrum of jobs for accessing all the Job sectors. When you're looking for a security guard jobs in Dubai, get in touch with the experts to unlock new opportunities. You can easily get the fastest growing recruitment and resources in the security guard Job sector.